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It's easy and it's free. Select a stock, and we will show you the current price and a three-month price chart. Decide if you think the price of your selected stock will go up or down during the next trading day. Press a green arrow for "up" or a red one for "down." That's it.

When you vote "up" or "down," we combine your vote with thousands of other stock predictions we have received predicting the same future stock price. We immediately show you what percentage of people voted "up" on your selected stock and what percentage voted "down." We also show you another crucial piece of data: how accurate we believe this crowd prediction is, based on our patented analysis of our extensive database of past-prediction results.

We put additional information at your fingertips in case you want to delve deeper or explore other investment possibilities. We show you whether the community overall is bullish or bearish on your selected stock, on its sector, and its related industry. We also provide news related to the stock, and we suggest other stocks you might be interested in.

These daily predictions provide powerful stock forecasts. A theoretical investor trading on these daily forecasts would have beaten the market by an average of 10.1% per year since 2007.

If you've always wanted to know how to predict stock price movement, you have come to the right place. Give our system a try by making a prediction now. It will take a mere second of time. It's as simple as pressing a red button or a green button.

Although the prediction interface could not be any simpler, and we pride ourselves on displaying information in the most user-friendly way, behind the scenes, we use sophisticated and complex quantitative algorithms to crunch massive quantities of data. By harnessing the wisdom of the crowds in a new, refined way, we produce Wall Street predictions that give investors an edge in the market. Try it now by making a prediction on this page, and see for yourself what our system can do for you.