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Contest Rules

PredictWallStreet wants to make your experience with the prediction community fun and interesting. One way is to offer our members the opportunity to participate in Community Contests. The following rules apply to all Community Contests, regardless of contest type or prize type.

  1. Contest participation requires current membership in PredictWallStreet, with agreement to site terms and conditions, and membership must continue for the duration of the contest. If you wish to discontinue the contest, click the Quit Contest link at the top of the page.
  2. To claim contest prizes, winners must provide a valid PayPal account. PredictWallStreet will award prizes to this PayPal account. Any prize denied by PayPal due to an invalid account or other reasons is forfeited.
  3. A person may only enter once, as one single contestant for each contest.
  4. Contest predictions must be made on the special contest Prediction Gameboard, not on the page that is labeled "Prediction Board."
  5. Once contest predictions are submitted, they cannot be changed.
  6. Prediction Days are the specified day/dates for the contest predictions. For example, a contest may be based on predicting every Friday for market close of the following Friday. Players must make their predictions on Contest Prediction Day. Any predictions missed by players on Prediction Day will be counted as incorrect predictions.
  7. Regardless of whether the contest is for daily, weekly, or monthly predictions, players must predict on the gameboard when the market is open on the designated Prediction Day. The Contest Gameboard page will notify how long it is until Prediction Day.
  8. Predictions that are made anywhere other than the official contest gameboard cannot be counted by players as their predictions.
  9. Contest wins, rankings and prizes are based on accuracy of predictions on the contest Gameboard, defined as percent of wins divided by the total number of predictions. Any predictions that the user makes outside of the Gameboard (on the standard prediction panel) are not counted.
  10. Contest prediction evaluation, including the prices determined for the predicted stock, are final. Please refer to our data disclaimer for more information.
  11. The contest winner is the person with the highest percentage of accurate predictions after all predictions are evaluated as correct or incorrect. If there is a tie in accuracy, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner of any prize other than the virtual trophies, which will be awarded to all members who tied.
  12. The contest loser is the person with the lowest accuracy after all predictions are evaluated as correct or incorrect. If there is a tie for lowest accuracy score, all players will receive the low score prize (usually a tin cup).
  13. There is no overall winner if no one completes the contest.
  14. PredictWallStreet, or its staff, will not be liable for any misprints or technical errors either made directly by them or any third party associated with the company. PredictWallStreet will not be liable for any viruses or misuses by any persons.
  15. PredictWallStreet reserves the right to modify the rules, prizes, or the contest at any time, including canceling any particular contest for any reason.
  16. Employees of PredictWallStreet and such employees' immediate family members and persons with whom such employees are domiciled are not eligible for contest prizes.