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What is a Contest?

Community Contests are one of many ways that prediction community members can come together to compete for fun, in quick and simple stock prediction contests that are carried out in a public “gameboard arena” type of environment. PredictWallStreet or its partners create a variety of contests where members come and predict at regular intervals (daily, weekly, or monthly) for varying periods of time. Contest players come to the website virtual gameboard, pick a few stocks, and simply predict whether each stock will go up or down. Over the timeline of the contest, PredictWallStreet dynamically updates the gameboard to show each player’s accuracy and ranking. In addition, site visitors can come to the contest gameboard as "viewers" and watch the action over time until the contest ends.

How to Play

After you sign up, the contest will begin on a specific date, and you may even have signed up for a reminder. On the prediction date, come to the contest prediction board by clicking on Contests and then the name of your contest. When you come to the contest prediction board, you will see your name and a place to pick stocks and make predictions. On the prediction day, between 9:30 AM ET and 4:00 PM ET, the gameboard will be active and you can make your predictions. At other times, you can view the gameboard but not make predictions. Once you have submitted your contest predictions, you cannot change them.

IMPORTANT: Please notice that when you predict for a contest, you are predicting from the price shown on our site right at that time of prediction to the close of the target date. So, for example, if you are predicting a daily contest, you are predicting from the price shown on PredictWallstreet at the time you predict, until the close of the following day. You will see this indicated in the text of the Up and Down prediction button tooltips. Likewise, to evaluate the correctness of your predictions, you must look at the difference from when you predicted to the close of the following day.


Contest players can win bragging rights by competing against others in dynamic prediction game play. Up for grabs are virtual trophies and medals which are displayed in each players virtual trophy case. Most contests also award cash or product prizes (as defined in each particular contest).

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