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PredictWallStreet's stock forecasts beat the stock market by 4.0% annually.

PredictWallStreet has developed patented algorithms which it applies to incoming community stock predictions in the context of various historical data. The result is a set of technical forecasts released every morning before the market opens. For more information regarding the performance chart and trading methodology, please see PredictWallStreet's Whitepaper (February, 2008) and Update (September, 2013).

PredictWallStreet's 1-Day Stock Forecast Profit Results

Profit results from PredictWallStreet forecasts
  • 5/24/2007 - 2/27/2015
  • PWS: 11.1% CAGR
  • Buy & Hold SPY: 7.1% CAGR
  • Difference: 4.0%

PredictWallStreet's 1 Day Stock Forecasts

Stock Forecasts (open to close) for 4/1/2015. Generated at 1:31 AM ET on 4/1/2015.
Stock Symbol Forecast Forecast Strength


Apple Inc.

Up Forecast Strength Medium


BP p.l.c.

Down Forecast Strength Medium


AT&T Inc

Up Forecast Strength icon-strength-high

PredictWallStreet's Recent Stock Forecasts

Stock Forecasts (open to close) for 3/31/2015. Generated at 1:30 AM ET on 3/31/2015.
Stock Symbol Forecast Change Evaluation Forecast Strength


Caterpillar Inc.

Down -0.60 % Forecast Strength Low


Cisco Systems, Inc.

Up 0.68 % Forecast Strength Medium


Ford Motor Co. (DE)

Down 0.12 % Forecast Strength Medium


Rite Aid Corp.

Up -1.25 % Forecast Strength Medium
Stock Forecasts (open to close) for 3/30/2015. Generated at 1:35 AM ET on 3/30/2015.
Stock Symbol Forecast Change Evaluation Forecast Strength


Berkshire Hathaway Inc. CL 'B'

Down 1.05 % Forecast Strength Medium


Cisco Systems, Inc.

Down 1.58 % Forecast Strength Medium


Disney (Walt) Co. (The)

Down 0.06 % Forecast Strength Medium


Facebook, Inc. - Class A

Up -0.73 % Forecast Strength Medium


Wells Fargo & Co.

Up 0.70 % Forecast Strength Medium


Whiting Petroleum Corp

Up -1.41 % Forecast Strength icon-strength-high