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Sr. Research Analyst

Job Summary

PredictWallStreet, LLC looking for a Sr. Research Analyst who will conduct quantitative analyses of information in order to inform investment decisions in global equity markets.


Santa Cruz, CA


  1. Conduct quantitative research and analysis of market trends and current and historical data to identify strategies for investment and investment timing.
  2. Interpret data and locate anomalies and discrepancies in investment data
  3. Assess market impact and identify the best execution algorithm to minimize impact.
  4. Prepare plans of action for investment; present written reports including statistics, and valuation methodology to senior level management and investors;
  5. Monitor developments in the field, including researching new, existing and potential investment products and review platforms.
  6. Analyze hedge fund performance and prepare reports proposing improvements to increase return on investment, including financial risk modeling and signal testing
  7. Monitor and research execution, signal generation, and portfolio construction to achieve the highest risk adjusted returns
  8. Recommend and provide financial advice regarding specialized reporting requirements connected to asset management
  9. Evaluate and compare accounts' dispersion (statistically between clients, and between the model and actual execution), and research ways to track and minimize dispersion.
  10. Develop methods to reduce transaction costs and increase profitability.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Master's degree in Financial Engineering, Quantitative Mathematics, Finance or closely related field
  2. Three years of experience as a financial analyst or similar occupation.
  3. Experience performing quantitative equity research (e.g., stock selection, portfolio optimization, multi factor and alpha modeling) and applying analytical and financial modeling skills
  4. Knowledge of econometrics, statistics, and signal processing.
  5. Experience utilizing statistics and analytical techniques (including Monte Carlo simulation and time series analysis)
  6. Experience completing valuation/pricing of structured products (including fixed-income securities and exotic derivatives)
  7. Experience developing strategies for defining and managing capital structure
  8. Experience with financial technology system in multi-platform environment
  9. Knowledge of Equity and Currency markets

This is a full-time position. Employees enjoy competitive compensation based on experience. Assessment task required as part of the interview process.


Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Michelle Samis's attention via email to msamis@predictwallstreet.com or via fax to 831-401-2391.